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January 15, 2022
Lost Car Key or Key Fob? What to Do?
Lost Car Key or Key Fob? What to Do?
July 30, 2022
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Theft of keyless cars


Theft of keyless cars

Often, Car manufacturers will invent revolutionary technologies which make it more difficult for thieves to operate and steal your car. Of course, a thief will always find a way to get around the inventions of the manufacturer by inventing ways around them. Therefore, since the introduction of chips and Keyless cars, car theft has actually increased, not decreased. Thieves use relay attack devices to gain access to your home or car by duplicating your keyless codes.

The purpose of this discussion is to address the issue of theft of keyless cars.

Dealers tout the safety of the transponder chip as it makes it more difficult for people to steal cars. The reason for this is that your key contains electronic chips that allow you to know if you have the correct key. In order for cars to start, their keys must transmit the right frequency to their immobilizer in order for them to function properly.   In any case, if a duplicate key hasn’t been programmed correctly, it won’t work.   For the criminals, however, adaptation is the key to success who ultimately gain access to your car and contents by attacking these relays.

Vehicle damage does not end there

People rarely think about car theft until it happens to them. People cringe at this thought alone.   Regardless of whether the thief steals your car, the problem is that once he is inside your car, he could be gaining access to your home. This could make you vulnerable without even knowing. There is a possibility that the thief will open your glove compartment if it is unlocked. He will search for any paperwork, such as your insurance card or registration form that shows your home address. Additionally, he may copy the frequency from the garage door opener and use it with another device to gain access to your home. It takes this guy just a short time to figure out where you live and how to get in

Here’s how to avoid it

If you are out in public, you should always keep your car keys inside a Faraday sleeve to prevent theft. You can purchase this sleeve online if you wish to do so. Using sleeves prevents transmission of many radio frequencies.  This makes it a very viable solution for people who want to protect their keys from relay attacks.  Using the Faraday Bag is not without inconvenience as you will have to take your key out of the sleeve when you want to get back inside your car.

Furthermore, when you are at home, never leave your key near any openings in your house, such as windows, doors, or the outside walls.   Criminals have easy access to these openings.   Any person walking around on the street at night can pick up the frequency of your key using the relay attack device. A Faraday sleeve to store your key while at home is therefore a viable option for storing your key.


Follow these tips to protect your home and car from car thieves.

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