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Did you just lock your keys in the car?

Have you searched everywhere and didn’t find your car keys?

Give us a call today 310-699-3733

Perhaps you have shifted to an area where car theft is the order of the day and now you want to beef up your car’s security.

We can replace your transponder key and replace your lost car keys in an instant. Artemis Locksmiths serves you if you live in Los Angeles. We take a very short time to arrive where our customers are calling us from in Los Angeles area. Our car key locksmith will be there in less than thirty minutes to give you an emergency repair or replacement service.

Call us immediately to:

  • Restore your lost car keys
  • Disengage your door and car lockout
  • Extract and remove a broken key from your car locks
  • Open your car and retrieve your keys
  • Attend to an emergency
  • Solve issues to do with your switchblade key or transponder chip or key
  • Repair or replace your ignition car keys
  • Program your high security smart keys
  • Unlock trunk lock
  • Replace a duplicate of your car key
  • Activate and program your transponder key
  • Cut any car key
  • Open your safe, mailbox, door locks and solve other locksmith issues.

2012 VW Beetle Hollywood lovksmith

Save time and money

No matter where you live in Burbank, our company will reach out to you when you call. We are preferred by many people in this area because of the way we help save their time and money. Our services are competitively priced and we have emergency vehicles that transport our technicians to where you are. If your car key is stolen or misplaced in any other way, do not just tow it home. Gives us a call through this phone number: 310-699-3733

Our technical staff

We understand the importance of automobile key locksmith services.  As a result, we only hire technicians who have been adequately trained, qualified, and competent.

We also ensure that they have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Our employees are kind and as such,  are always willing to listen and assist you with any auto lock problem you may encounter.  They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We serve the following Car Brands:

Acura locksmith
Audi locksmith
BMW locksmith
Buick locksmith
Cadillac locksmith
Chevrolet locksmith
Chevy locksmith
Chrysler locksmith
Daewoo locksmith
Dodge locksmith
Ford locksmith
GMC locksmith
Hino Trucks locksmith
Honda locksmith

Hummer locksmith
Hyundai locksmith
Infiniti locksmith
Isuzo locksmith
Jaguar locksmith
Jeep locksmith
Kenworth locksmith
Kia locksmith
Lancia locksmith
Land Rover locksmith
Lexus locksmith
Lincoln locksmith
Mack Truck locksmith
Maserati locksmith

Mazda locksmith
Mercedes Benz locksmith
Mercury locksmith
Merkur locksmith
Mini locksmith
Mitsubishi locksmith
Nissan locksmith
Oldsmobile locksmith
Opel locksmith
Pantera locksmith
Peterbilt locksmith
Peugeot locksmith
Pontiac locksmith
Porsche locksmith

Range Rover locksmith
Rolls Royce locksmith
Saab locksmith
Saturn locksmith
Smart locksmith
Sterling- Cars locksmith
Sterling- Trucks locksmith
Subaru locksmith
Suzuki locksmith
Toyota locksmith
Volkswagen locksmith
Volvo locksmith
VW locksmith
Winnebago locksmith


Artemis locksmith

Artemis locksmith