Transponder chip Key Programming Service

Our company offers a wide range of services. Among our widely bought services is the transponder/chip programming service. Our competent and certified locksmiths have built a good name for our company, in relation to this service. Once you contact us we will send these experts to where you are. After surveying your key programming issue, our technician will offer you a service you will never forget.

Artemis Locksmiths can program your immobilizer

Does your car make have a transponder chip? Any vehicle that was made after 1995 has this chip. Its role is to deactivate the auto’s immobilizer when a car key is inserted into the ignition system to start the engine. This chip is a security feature that allows the key to receive signals from the computer prior to letting the car owner open the doors and start the engine. It keeps thieves and others out of the car. We can program your immobilizer to raise the security of your vehicle.

 Transponder Key Programming, Proximity and Smart Keys Remotes

Proximity and Smart Keys Remotes

Any vehicle owner is welcome

Are you afraid that we will not be able to program your immobilizer because of your car type? Our company has many years of experience as far as this work is concerned. We can program any transponder key including one for Acura, Honda, Kia, Jeep, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Oldsmobile, Jaguar, Hyundai, Saturn, Scion, BMW, Audi and Mercedes among many others.

Our programmers are matchless

Our Los Angeles transponder key programmers are highly trained, certified and competent. They will come where you are to save your time and help you start driving immediately. They might use our high-tech computer reader in case this is required before programming can be done. The reader will just be plugged into your vehicle and it will help our staff find the right code for the transponder key. Alternatively, our staff may choose to turn the ignition system on and off to program the chip.

We are always on time

Our esteemed workers will arrive at your workplace, home or any other place in no time at all and program the transponder key in less than an hour. Do not worry about licensing, insurance and related matters. All our workers are legally ready to serve you.

Transponder Key Programming

Take full control of your car
With your transponder electronic chip in a proper working condition, no one can start your car without the correct code. So we believe that having this chip programmed will reduce the odds of you suffering a car theft. Just let us help you secure your auto today. Call us any time, 310-699-3733. as we work 24/7, and arrange an appointment with us.