High Security Key

We can replace your Car’s Smart Key

Have you driven a vehicle that has smart keys? More and more vehicle manufacturers are adding this feature into their newest models to make the user’s experience unique. Introduced first by Mercedes Benz (Keyless Go), the smart keys are now a common view in upscale luxury autos. The work of these systems is let you unlock your auto while your key fobs are in the pocket. This can be so convenient when it is raining and you do not feel like reaching for keys inside your trouser pocket or handbag.

The Smart Key: Why it unlocks your car automatically

The Smart Key system is a high security key that unlocks the car automatically, and all you have to do is to get in and drive. Vehicles that use smart keys have receivers within their bodies that sense when the key fob comes near and then they open the doors. And when you get inside the car, it senses your key fob automatically. You should just press a button to start the auto engine without inserting any key inside the ignition system.

More creatively made smart keys

Besides just opening doors and starting the engine, some manufacturers have created smarter keys with superior settings that let them position the driver’s seat, floor pedals, steering wheel and external mirror tilts. Now we have even seen Smart Keys that can be programmed in order to do a range of activities on behalf of the car owner. For instance, they could be programmed to start the car engine so it can start warming up before the owner is ready to leave for work.

Security though rolling codes

Although having these high security keys sounds exciting, each manufacturer produces their own unique design. So the challenge now is to know how your car’s smart key works. Unlike a key fob that sends out just one continuous unique code that is picked up by robbers, the high security smart key uses rolling codes. What this means is that whenever you come near and presses the unlock button, the auto picks a random code. On the other end, the smart key generates the correct code. These rolling codes are very secure for your luxury vehicle. As long as the car’s smart key is charged it will do its work.

Smart Key replacement

This is a very special high security key that will beef up your auto’s safety. But what happens when your key cannot work any longer? Simply feel free to call Artemis Locksmiths. We can replace your smart key no matter how complicated it may be. Our certified locksmiths have done this sort of work over and over and they can help you with it. They can re-program your key to continue protecting your car.
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