“Man what can I say Ian is the best out there man I really recommend  him I had to call 2 technicians and they couldn’t get it done and didn’t get my car to turn on they gave me run around  they put this other devices but Ian man he has the tools and he a very patient guy and smart and knows what’s his doing I recommend him to all prius owners and to any body else.”

Daniel O.
Los Angeles, CA

“SO HAPPYYYYY! I was in a real pickle with my smart car. Apparently it’s an extremely hard key to duplicate! I called like 10 other places before calling these guys.

He was quick, SO FRIENDLY! Nobody else would make a key for my car because it was too difficult.  This guy was a master of his craft. Really helped me out of a bad place, I’m so thankful. He went above and beyond! For sure recommend.”

Edrina G.
Los Angeles, CA

“Fast service nice guy they will come to your door!!!
Done within 15 min. I went to dealer and they told me the price is way more expensive and he did it less than half price. Also gave me cute key chain.”

Aiko T.
Los Angeles, CA

“Amazing service and best of all it is mobile. Came by my house within the hour and changed my key shell and battery for a small fee. A great service that beats going to the dealer.
Also made sure everything worked before leaving. Also takes credit card!”

Mark L.
Sherman Oaks, CA

“Ian is a lifesaver.. He saved me twice in the past two years.. The first time I lost my keys to my BMW.. I called around and none of the local locksmiths had the to equipment to make a BMW key.. I found Ian and not only he got to me under an hour he was cheaper than what the dealership was trying to charge me.. He saved me again today when my lock stop working on my car because my car is a 1999 and the lock is old.. He fixed my lock and made me a remote so I don’t have to bother with the key to open the door anymore.. Plus, he did this in the comfort of my job parking lot.. I did not have to miss any work time.. I recommend him to all my family and friends.. Especially those with foreign cars because 99 percent of the other locksmiths will not be able to open your door..”

Dianisha J.
Los Angeles, CA

“My name Alex i lost my remote and key, I was lost my self in the road
I call Artemis locksmith and he just save me one day before Christmas Eve, thank you man.
you make my day in perfect time to be whit my family for Christmas. I’m so great full whit this guy.”

Alex V.
Sun Valley, CA

“Ian is a life saver. He saved me $1,000 plus labor. Save yourself headaches and cash. Don’t go to a dealer. They can’t do what Ian can do.”

Max M.
Topanga, CA

“I lost my car keys to my Lexus and I was freaking out because I taught I was going to spend more than $300.00 to replace it. I went to the dealer and bought a remote for $70.00. I found Artemis on craigslist cause I needed a deal. He came out within 20 min. I got my key programmed really fast. He saved me a lot of money and this key works just fine.
I recommend this place to any car key problems!”

Janet L.

“Great price for my 1999 328i bmw almost half the price called about 6 locksmith.. Ian was on time and polite.”
Michael R.
Sylmar, CA

“The company was the best priced in Hollywood and West Hollywood. Ian called me to confirm he was on his way and was so knowledgeable about my car and he was definitely the quickest locksmith I’ve ever had. Highly recommend Artemis Locksmith! Thank you.”

Kellie H.
Los Angeles, CA

“We lost one of 2 keys for our Car. Thinking ahead I decided to replace the key lost so we would not have problems down the road. Ian was very helpful and very friendly. He was prompt for his appointment with me. It was a real pleasure dealing with him. He know his stuff and I would recommend him to all my Friends and Family.”

Brian L.
Santa Clarita, CA

“Great service! Fast and professional! Will definitely recommend to friends!!! I have a Mini Cooper which is difficult to make a key. He did it in no time!”
Nicole B.
Atascadero, CA

“Lost my only key to a 20 year old car. Dealership told me they don’t cut my key anymore. Tried one locksmith who couldn’t figure out how to make the key. Called Ian the next day and fixed it within 20 minutes. Great guy and great service. Thanks man!”

Kyle C.
Los Angeles, CA

“I have to say that Artemis locksmith saved my day,of all things that could happen,lost the one an only key I had for my car,worried enough as I was I called them the customer service is great, they ask me for the model of the car an year an asked me for the address were they should meet me, maid an appointment for them to meet me at 8 am the following morning, the good part they called me 30 min before the time to conform the address an so said so done Eyal Nave Called me to come out side,the process did not take that long in a matter of min my key was good. They saved my life thank you Eyal Nave I personally give the a 110% satisfaction I’m pleased with the job he did an was very nice to mo thank you. Hit them up I grantee you won’t be disappointed.”

Gianini Z.
Los Angeles, CA

“Overall, I had a pretty good experience with this locksmith. Like an idiot, I lost my only key to my car, so I called around multiple places to see if I can get a new key. After contacting him he arrived within two hours and was pretty quick to do the job. Only charged me $200 and $5 for a spare, which seemed like a reasonable price as other places I called gave me $225 and $250 quote. If you need any help with keys, I would suggest this guy :)”
Jonathan L.
Chatsworth, Los Angeles,

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