Proximity Remotes & Smart Keys

Replacing your Proximity and Smart Keys Remotes (KEY FOB)

Artemis Locksmiths is your one-stop-shop for  all of your auto key needs.  Iyou need to replace lost key, obtain new remote, or secure your vehicle, we are the best professional you can hire for the job.  This page will address Proximity, Smart Keys and remotes.

Proximity, smart Keys and car remotes are almost certain to be present in newer vehicles.  The Smart key is sophisticated automatic keyless mechanism that allows the driver to lock and unlock  their vehicle without having to use their keys.  The smart key works by being in close proximity to the car’s various sensors. 

How the Proximity and Smart Key works

A Push-to-Start button must be pressed in order for the smart key to function. This isn’t the ignition lock cylinder that some of us are used to seeing.   The car will open and start working with simply a push of a button. With this type of key, you can get into your automobile without having to take your car keys out of your pockets.  When it’s raining or snowing, this may be a lot of fun as you don’t have to expose your hands to the elements..  The magic of vehicle antennas will work for you.
Some Smart Keys, such as in the Toyota Prius, come with a remote control.  We can replace your Toyota Prius key fob or alternatively, provide you with an extra Smart Key in case of an emergency.
 Proximity and Smart Keys Remotes

Proximity and Smart Keys Remotes

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We serve all car owners

All car owners can benefit from our auto locksmith services.  However, in order to take advantage of our proximity and Smart Key services, you must possess vehicle with this key.  
As previously stated, most modern vehicles have this type of key.
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Our technicians are competent and talented

Proximity and Smart Key fobs are both relatively new technologies.  As a result, finding a service provider who can give you a high quality service, in connection with Smart Keys and remotes is difficult.  We, Artemis Locksmiths, are able to provide you with expertise in the field in the entire Los Angeles area.

Our technicians have served so many car owners who needed their Smart Keys replaced or re-programmed. If you need similar help, just feel free to call our office today.
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