Proximity Remotes & Smart Keys

Proximity Remotes & Smart Keys

Replacing your Proximity and Smart Keys Remotes (KEY FOB)

Artemis Locksmiths is your one-stop-shop for everything to do with auto keys. Whether you are just looking to replace a lost key, get a new remote or secure your auto, we are the best specialist you can find. This page is all about Proximity and Smart Keys and remotes though.
If your ride is more modern, it definitely has these sorts of keys and remotes. The Smart key can be described as a clever automatic key-less unit that lets the driver lock and unlock their car without their keys. By close proximity to the auto’s multiple sensors, the smart key does its work.

How the Proximity and Smart Key works

There is a Push-to-Start button that should be pressed to trigger the Smart Key to work. So this is not the actual ignition lock cylinder that some of us are familiar with. It is just a press of a button and the car will open up and start working.
With this sort of key you will enjoy hopping into the car without pulling out the car keys from your pockets. This can be fun when it is raining or snowing. Vehicle antennas will do their magic for you.
The Smart Key for some vehicles, such as Toyota Prius, is equipped with a remote. We can do a replacement for the Toyota Prius key fob or give you an extra, emergency Smart Key.

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 Proximity and Smart Keys Remotes

Proximity and Smart Keys Remotes

We serve all car owners

Our car locksmith services are meant for all car owners. But to benefit from our proximity and Smart Key service, you need to own a car that has this key. As we indicated above, most modern vehicles have this sort of key.
If you need help with it, call 310-699-3733 today.
We will send our technician to your place immediately. Alternatively, you can call us for more information, just in case you have a more comprehensive project. We will set up an appointment with you and listen to the problems you have.

Our technicians are competent and talented

Proximity and Smart Key fobs are relatively new. So it is still not easy to locate a service provider that can offer you a high quality service, in relation to Smart Keys and remotes. We, Artemis Locksmiths, are known in the whole of Los Angeles area.

Our technicians have served so many car owners who needed their Smart Keys replaced or re-programmed. If you need similar help, just feel free to call our office today. We will assign your work to one of our most experienced and talented technicians.

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