What to Do if You Are Locked Out of Your Home
What to Do if You Are Locked Out of Your Home
December 15, 2022
Have you ever been locked out of your car?
Have you ever been locked out of your car?
January 15, 2023

Why You Should Re-key Your House?

You’ve probably thought about changing your locks after relocating into a new home, splitting with a partner, or misplacing your keys. Of course, when you move, safety is probably one of your biggest concerns.

Many people think that they have to change their locks when these situations arise, but did you know that you don’t have to?

The most effective option for making your residence more secure is to get the locks re-keyed instead of changing your locks. Take the extra mile to get replacement keys for your home if you want to stay safe.

Professional locksmiths can simplify the re-keying process if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself.

In many cases, this option is also cheaper and often more effective than replacing your locks at your residence.

These are some of the reasons why you should re-key your house?

Security and safety

Consider re-keying your locks before altering the locks in your home to add safety and security. You can control who has access to your property by re-keying the locks instead of getting replacement keys made.

Missing keys

The problem with lost and stolen items is that you never know where they are. You also have no idea who might have them. Re-keying your home rather than making a duplicate eliminates the risk of anyone having access to it without your permission

Ownership changes

The process of re-keying locks ensures you have control over access to your rental property or your home, whether you own it or rent it. As soon as possible, resolve this issue to avoid unlawful entry. Whether duplicate keys were made by a previous owner or tenant is unknown.

Whenever a tenant moves in or out, re-key deadbolts and doorknobs that have locks. The key to every outdoor lock should be re-keyed when you buy a house so the previous owners cannot gain access.

Duplicate keys are less secure than re-keying.


There is less hardware and labor involved in re-keying than in replacing entire locks. In place of removing the deadbolt and the knob, the locksmith simply removes the key cylinder and replaces it.

Changing every exterior door lock does not require an entirely new set, doorknob, or lock altogether. With re-keying, on the other hand, you only pay for the cylinders and the locksmith’s labor.

In contrast to replacing an entire lock or doorknob, a locksmith can re-key your entire home in much less time.

Reduced wear and tear

Door jambs may become less secure if you replace a deadbolt or doorknob entirely. Possibly you will need to widen the hole through which the lock is installed after removing the entire lock. It is possible that you will have to adjust the strike plate. As a result of either of these procedures, the door jamb may have less wood. This could lead to the jamb wearing down and making the door harder to secure over time.

In addition, if you purchase the wrong type of lock, it may not even fit your doorknob or deadbolt. By combining professional experience and knowledge, a locksmith eliminates all these issues. Therefore, hire a company that has strong references and is trusted in your town.


Residential Locksmith Services

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