What is the right time to change your home’s locks?

7 Reasons Why and When to Change Locks at Your Home
7 Reasons Why and When to Change Locks at Your Home
August 15, 2022
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What to Do if You Are Locked Out of Your Home
December 15, 2022
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What is the right time to change your home’s locks?

What is the right time to change your home's locks?

What is the right time to change your home’s locks?

Your door lock is the first line of protection when it comes to securing your property from burglars and criminals.   Therefore, if you feel your home security has been compromised, we recommend replacing your door locks.

Is it true that you have had the same locks on the access points to your home for a long time now? If this is the case,  it is time that you change your door locks soon.

Older locks might look in reasonable condition from the outside, but their internal mechanisms may wear out over time, requiring their replacement or upgrading.

Install the latest locks on your doors to ensure they work properly. Your upgraded locks will also keep you and your family safe.

Aside from these signs, there are other instances when you should consider changing your locks. Below are some examples of these signs.

The effects of wear and tear

Door locks do not last forever, despite how much we wish they did.

In terms of home security, worn out or rusted locks pose a serious threat. The more worn out and old a lock is, the easier it is to pick and break, and the more difficult it becomes to open it manually with a key.  If you lock is tarnished, rusted, or otherwise worn it may be time for you to replace it.  To avoid an unpleasant breakdown that may leave you locked out, or make your home less secure replace or service your lock if it is becoming increasingly challenging to open with the key.

Examine your door locks. We recommend replacing them if they appear damaged, rusted, or worn.

Your locks are damaged

When a lock is first installed, it is very durable and sturdy, but as time goes on, it can start to fail and would be harder to turn.

When this happens, you may choose to twist your keys around inside your home’s locks. However, this may result in further damage to already compromised locks.

If you notice that your locks aren’t working as they should or you cannot open them due to damage, stop using them right away. The only thing you are going to do if you continue to use damaged locks is make a difficult situation even more dire.   By replacing a damaged lock, you can ensure the security of your home.

Keys missing or stolen

All of us have accidentally misplaced or lost our door keys before, only to discover them a short time later. It’s still possible for someone to misplace their keys and never find them again. When you lose your keys and can’t find them, that means one key to your residence is out there wandering around. When this happens, you shouldn’t leave the old locks on your house.

As soon as you lose your house keys, you should strongly consider calling a residential locksmith who will come to your home to change your locks for you. This is something you should strongly consider when you lose your keys to your house. If someone finds your keys, they won’t be able to access your home.

Additionally, if you frequently lose your keys, a combination door lock such as the KeyCode might be a suitable choice. Since these locks don’t require a key, you won’t need to remember where your keys are.

Codes are used to unlock combination locks  . Most combination locks also have a keyed lock on the back to gain entry if the combination input is not working.  Change the combination to your lock if it has been compromised or tampered with.

You should also think about getting new car keys made if you had a key to your car on your keyring. Car key replacement can be handled by the same locksmith.

Replacement of outdoor locks that give burglars access is essential. If you want to increase your personal security, replace your interior locks after you secure your outdoor area.

A move has taken place

Do you rent out your property to tenants? Did you have a roommate or family member who moved out? Maybe you separated from your partner recently?

You should change your door locks as soon as someone who previously lived in or rented your property moves out. Although you are expected to receive spare keys back, you can’t be confident that copies have not been made. In this case, a break-in is more likely.

Making the move to a new home

When moving to a new home or place of living, changing the locks is a smart idea.

The keys will be delivered over to you on ‘moving day’, when it will legally be yours, but it is incredibly difficult to know whether former residents have copied the keys or surrendered them. For your own peace of mind, you might want to replace the locks in a new house or install door chains and smart locks as an extra measure.

 In the aftermath of a break-in

If there has been a break-in, assume that your keys have ended up in the wrong hands and change all the locks immediately.

To gain entry, burglars may have tampered with your locks and damaged them, making them no longer fit in the door lock mechanism.   In a robbery or break-in, the force involved can compromise the lock’s mechanism. Additionally, this may cause a recurrence of burglary.

Of course, our extensive range of door locks comes from leading security brands. Therefore, your home security is in safe hands with so many options to choose from.

We hope our tips about when to replace your home door locks will be helpful. Contact one of our expert locksmiths for more information about replacing your door locks and securing your home.   In addition, if you’d like to talk about your needs in more detail, consult with a representative of the team. To find out more about replacing your home or business locks, you’re welcome to call Artemis Locksmith at 310-699-3733.